Heather Brown-Harding, PhD


Dr. Brown-Harding received her BS & Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Rochester and the University of Florida, respectively. She took a break from academia to work with Carl Zeiss Microscopy in 2015 & 2016. She currently is the Assistant Director of Microscopy at Wake Forest and manages the Wake Downtown facility. During nights and weekends, Dr. Brown-Harding works on “Expert Microscopy” in collaboration with Cheeky Scientist.

She currently is working on pairing Expansion Microscopy and Machine Learning to study Chlamydia development. 

She also has extensive collaborations with other labs

Dahee Lee (Master’s Student)

Dahee joined the lab in Spring 2020 and her project focuses on using Expansion Microscopy to quantify gene expression during the developmental cycle of Chlamydia. She has performed all the troubleshooting to get the pipeline optimized.

Elizabeth Swain (Undergraduate)

Elizabeth joined the lab in Fall 2020 and will graduate Spring 2022 with a BS in Biology. She obtained a fellowship through the Center for Molecular Signaling for her Summer 2021 research. Her research focuses on determining if Chlamydia affects the radiation sensitivity of HPV+ cells (in collaboration with Dr. Allen Tsang)

Zachary Mandel (Undergraduate)

Zachary joined the lab in Fall 2021 and will graduate Spring 2023 with a BS in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.  His research focuses on using Expansion Microscopy with assistance from Dahee.


Ikeer Mancera-Ortiz (BS in Chemistry, 2022)

Ikeer joined the lab in Summer 2020 to develop a fluorescent dye database, which we hope to release to the public in the near future. Ikeer will be attending UNC for his PhD starting in the fall.

Lindsey Hoots (BS in Biology, 2020)

Lindsey (2019-2020) obtained her BS in Biology with honors in Spring 2020. She is currently obtaining her PA from WFU School of Medicine.